In her work, Bibi Tervooren shows a world that exists between the visible and the invisible.

Her subtle observations explore the boundaries between real space and mystical space, while being always based on reality. Expressing a mysterious bond with the everyday world, in her work the ordinary becomes surprisingly strange.

Although Bibi Tervooren is primarily a painter, her work reveals a world that relates to both a painting and a photographic image. With the eye of a painter, she uses low resolution, blows up photographs, prints on banners and, in her own way, zooms in to enlarge details. 
Recurring in her work you see refraction of light and disruption of space by her use of unusual angles.

Bibi Tervooren is continuously searching for a particular atmosphere in her inner world. Exploring the fine line between reality and fiction that connects ideas with matter. In this way, she transforms banal reality into contemporary poetry.